Kathy Petrakis

TV Scripts

“Detained” Pilot Script.

Quarter Finalist – Austin Film Festival 2017

Quarter -Finalist – Final Draft Big Break Competition 2017

Action Drama

An ex-army paramedic woman leaves her war-torn country in the middle east and risks everything to reach Australia with her children only to face greater threats in the cold and corrupted world of refugee detention. How far will she go to ensure her family makes it out alive?

.Script available on request.

“Resilience” Pilot Script.

Quarter- finalist Page Award 2016

Dystopian Political Drama

In 2060 New York City, the ambitious Legal Chancellor must choose between saving her political career and restore the flailing American Empire, or saving a teenage sex slave on death row.

Script available on request.

“Black Aura” Pilot Script.

Quarter- finalist big Break Screenwriting Competition 2016

Supernatural College Mystery Drama

When her college roommate goes missing, a key suspect who reads auras and their emotional memories, must prove her innocence without exposing her dark past or endangering her family and friends.

Script available on request.


“Deceit With Honors” Pilot Script.

Contemporary Drama based on play Black Rainbow by Kathy Petrakis

When a rival gang threatens his livelihood, a mixed race teenage orphan might lose his battle to conceal his devoted ‘family’ of street drug dealers from his double life of privilege and education before he loses not only his dreams, but his life.

Script available on request.


The Good Wife – “On Her Terms”  –  Spec Script

Finalist Scriptapolooza Competition 2016

Semi-finalist Fresh Voices Competition 2016

With the election won, Alicia must face the consequences personally and professionally. And that means giving up the law firm and giving up Johnny Elfman. But when her friend Carol, an ALS sufferer, wants Alicia to help her fight for her right to die, Alicia realizes the importance of living life on her terms. Kalinda’s past actions are finally catching up with her but to live life on her terms, she has to beat the system, once again.

THE GOOD WIFE -On Her Terms -by Kathy Petrakis

Revenge – “Better Off Dead” – Spec Script.

Finalist Scriptapoolooza competition 2015

Emily fights for her life from a fire and a kidnapping while the prodigal David Clark isn’t who he seems and Victoria fights to win her children and status back. Meanwhile Nolan and Jack try to track down the missing, presumed dead, Emily.


Empire – “Dreams to Ashes” – Spec Script.

The Lyon family must deal with personal and professional disappointment as their dreams for happiness and success turn into ashes.

Andre barely holds onto his sanity when his family’s life hangs in the balance. Cookie tries to save Lyon Dynasty by getting ex-prison mate Jezzy, to record her music. Jamal struggles with the pressures of success and Lucious confronts his continued demise when he’s dropped from the Empire label altogether.