Kathy Petrakis

Other Novels

Black Rainbow

Black Rainbow is a story about a teenage boy who lives on the wrong side of the tracks but through his academic ability and determination, has a chance to change his path. He lives a double life, using crime to survive unbeknownst to his private school peers or his devoted girlfriend. Torn between fighting to leave his old life and helping his family survive, his double life comes to a head and he must choose between loyalty to those who rescued him from the streets and the opportunity to finally live the life he’s wanted.

The play adaptation is currently in progress. The book release is expected in late 2016.

Desperate Measures

It’s 2035 and it’s been ten years since the great civil war in the US. Michael Fierro is declared the primary candidate for the Conservative Party for the Presidential election. Beside him is his fiancée Elizabeth Shen – a Chinese – American, born in America but raised in the all-powerful China – the perfect diplomat for the tense US –China relations. She was about to have everything she wanted – a loving husband, power and wealth. Everything was perfect. Until she received a text.  Someone knows her secret – a secret she had gone to great lengths to hide. How was it possible? Who else knew? Why does that radical , attractive journalist insist on delving into her past? How far will she go to make sure no one ever knows the truth? What will she need to do to ensure her dreams do come true?

Book release date TBC.