Kathy Petrakis

Basic facts

Birthday: 24 December

Residence: London, Sydney and maybe New York soon. Sydney will always be home though.

Favourite music: Impossible to know – it change with mood but I like r’n’b and love the powerful singers like Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys.

Favourite movie: Not one favourite, but some of my favourites are The Last Samurai, Center Stage, While you were sleeping, Only You, Rush Hour, Suddenly 30

Favourite play: There are a couple of plays I have seen in London recently that made an impression –Noises Off – incredibly funny, Posh and Chariots of Fire at Hampstead Theatre. London has endless talent in the city and I am constantly overwhelmed by how much it has to offer.

Favourite food: Unfortunately, too many things – everything from Chinese and Thai to Italian and Greek food. Thankfully, Sydney can cater to my every taste. Cream though is a big weakness.

Favourite cities: London, Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Florence and of course Sydney. Can you tell I’m a city girl?

Other interests: Apart from dancing, acting and singing, I have played basketball for years despite being only 160cm tall – only in local social competitions of course. I played tennis on and off over the years as well but have always loved watching the women’s artistic gymnastics. Unfortunately, I have no skill in that area. I also love history especially of places I don’t know much about such as Africa and Latin America. I am constantly going to lectures and courses that focus on these regions and their history. other strong passion is architecture and real estate. I love buildings and hope to develop some of my current investments into quality homes.