Kathy Petrakis

About Me

I was born and raised in Sydney Australia to Greek immigrant parents. I have always loved the performing arts – dancing, acting and singing but considered them merely hobbies turning to a ‘serious’ professional career or marketing for banks and insurance companies. Apart from entertaining friends with my disastrous (yet real) travel misadventures, I hadn’t really done any sort of creative writing since childhood.

After nearly twenty years in the corporate world,  I decided to live in London for an indeterminate amount of time. I do not know why but I found myself with a desire to rekindle my creative writing, the first novel burning in my head. Thus began the birth of the Dancers and Divas Series. It began as one book and has evolved as a trilogy. Since then, I have not been able to stop and have so many ideas constantly begging me to be written.

Wanting to convert Dancers and Divas into a TV series but not having access to resources, I leaned towards playwriting. Instead, my first play production, Black Rainbow was born in Sydney – a full length play that I also directed and produced in August 2014. But the idea of TV writing still excited me, so two weeks after the closing night of my play, I flew out to New York to focus on TV writing. With the encouragement of my teacher and mentor, and the desire to break into the TV industry, I then flew to LA until visa restrictions forced me home to Sydney.  I've written several pilots, many which have placed quarter finalist, semi-finalists and finalists in competitions in the USA. In Australia, I had interest in one of my scripts, Detained, but  that didn't progress.

And now, Watch Me Dance is unfolding as I bring this story to life on stage in 2019 and later on film! Look out for it!

I have many more ideas and not enough hours in the day to do it all! Ideas for plays, films, novels and TV pilots with themes from the immigrants in Australia in the 60's to political thrillers, legal dramas and of course a dance movie!

Regards Kathy